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“Favorite Games” LTD company is been established in July, 2007, following previously founded solo-proprietorship company “Favorite Games” – Alexander Georgiev.

The Developing

The developing of the software began in 2001. Originally the site of the game is http://rebelot.hit.bg and it has been registered in the beginning of 2002. The present domain of the web-site has been registered on 19.03.2004. The first online version of the game has been published in the site on 09.10.2005

Our Team

Our team grow and we have a dream: to bring our signature quality and innovation across platforms, making the gaming world a little brighter and braver.

This dream still lives and thrives. Since the foundation of our company, we released four games, and will are working on releasing more this year.

During the years, we developed different labels to appeal to a variety of gamers: the casual ones, the core gamers, those more into tales and narrative.

What’s next from Favorite Games? We’ll keep on dreaming big and making our dreams come true. We’ll push beyond limits to make the best and most inspired games for everyone.


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